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Do my greeting cards come with envelopes?
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Our greeting cards do not include envelopes. We've found that its best for each church to choose from hundreds of unique options for envelopes on either Amazon or Rather than us having to increase the price of our greeting cards and giving you a standard envelope, this way you can choose the best option to better match your branding or purpose, while giving you the lowest price possible. 

The envelope size that best fit our greeting cards is A6 envelopes . Search this on either of these sites and you will find lots of choices to choose from.

What about custom printed A6 envelopes?

We can absolutely do this! If you are interested in fully custom printed A6 envelopes then we can do this as a custom order. Please go ahead and email [email protected] with the details regarding your order and one of our project managers will follow up with you shortly. 

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